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Just two hours from Buenos Aires, Dos Talas Estancia is a magical place. It's everything that an estancia should be:

In the middle of the limitless pampas, where fine cattle are grazing under immense skies, you'll come up the long sweeping drive through parkland with plantations of majestic trees, to find a grand French-style mansion, hidden away from the modern world. Here you can sample a life of luxury and perfect tranquillity, and the unique flavour of rural Argentina.

Beautifully preserved both inside and out, Dos Talas maintains a rich family heritage which goes all the way back to the fascinating story of its immigrant founder Pedro Luro in 1858. The house is full of history, both of his glamorous descendents and the current owners, the fifth generation of Luro's family. Sara and Luis de Elizalde will make you feel completely at home with their warm hospitality, fine food and wines, and delightfully decorated rooms.

From wide windows and broad terraces you'll gaze out across calm lawns and stylish gardens to 1500 hectares of their lands, and the infinite pampas beyond. Ride all day with gauchos , walk to your heart's content, and then return for an exquisite dinner, and sleep deeply in the peace of the land.
You're guaranteed a memorable stay.

Dos Talas - Estancia Argentina
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